OPENHAUS @ ZK/U, 25 Jan 2018 | 19:00 – 22:30


OPENHAUS – open studios, installations and resident talks

The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency program.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists and researchers in residence and explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask questions, to discuss and to exchange ideas about ongoing projects and artistic practices.

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Click here for more information on Baden Projekt Berlin a collaboration by Matthew Robinson and Ben Nathan 

OPENHAUS – Offene Studios, Installationen und Resident*innengespräche

Das OPENHAUS ist ein regelmäßig stattfindendes, öffentliches Format des ZK/U. Das Publikum ist eingeladen das Residenz Programm kennenzulernen und mit ihnen über ihre Projekte und Prozesse zu diskutieren.

Verpasst nicht die Gelegenheit die Künstler*innen kennenzulernen, die Umgebung und Räume des ZK/U’s zu entdecken, Fragen zu stellen und Ideen über laufende Projekte und künstlerische Praxen auszutauschen.

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Modular Relations @ ZK/U, 28 Oct | 12:00 – 29 Oct | 05:00

Relations of Matter, Light, Space and Sound – Modular Relations is joining an exhibition, a symposium, workshops, performances and an audiovisual night program. Three organisations: ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, MoTA Museum of Transitory Art and Laznia CCA collaborate with the mission to improve life in the cities by looking at three angles – structural activism, public space reinvention and personal approaches on an experimental level.

>> Symposium

Through the Symposium we look into questions of contemporary urbanities through modular design – spaces through new genres of public art – and living architecture through sound and art experiments.

>> Modular Relations Exhibition

from the MoTA Collection Arte/Facts with Andy Lomas, Bojana Petković, Jan Vormann, Adam Basanta, Stephen Cornford & others

The exhibition joins contemporary artists and researchers who explore the inner being of things: relations between sound and light and the relation between materials and their surroundings.

+ installations from Alona Rodeh, Sixten Sanne-Göransson and Satyashree Gummuluri

, Ben Nathan and Matthew Robinsons

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OPENHAUS @ ZK/U, 26 Oct | 19:00 – 22:30

Ben Nathan & Matthew Robinson

October Openhaus at ZK/U will showcase the first collaborative work by Artists Ben Nathan and Matthew Robinson. The artwork will take the form of a multimedia film installation, documenting the metaphysical process of bathing. The audience will be immersed in an abstracted recreation of the environment of which it was born out of. It is the juxtaposition of industry and nature within Berlin that is explored in this work.

Crouch End Picturehouse Commission

Recently I was commissioned to produce a site specific artwork for Crouch End Picturehouse. The mural is entitled Riverscape and draws on local history, depicting the junction where the New River passes under Tottenham Lane and the mainline railway at Hornsey.

Photo credit: Henrietta Williams