In 2017 Ben Nathan & Matthew Robinson established BADEN PROJEKT. The work researches the ritual of open water swimming within urban spaces. The artists explore the extreme elements of nature and document the experience and health benefits associated with this ritual.

In 2018, BADEN PROJEKT developed a site-specific work for ARTBAT FEST 9, Almaty, Kazakhstan responding to climate change and the depletion of glaciers. Their work explores the changing state of water, to provide alternative perspectives on nature and the city. One of the primary concerns of Robinson and Nathan’s work is to try to bridge the gap between film documentary and film installation, providing a means to immerse the audience within a constructed environment which provides a sensory experience. The work promotes the significance and the impact that water has on health and wellbeing.


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Glacial Waters, film. (2022)

Glacial Waters, project. ARTBAT FEST 9, Almaty, Kazakhstan (2018)

Fire and Ice, OPENHAUS March, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2018)

Einbrecher, OPENHAUS February, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2018)

Vorspiel, Transmediale & CTM, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2017)

Baden, OPENHAUS October, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2017)

Modular Relations, ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2017)

Baden Triptych, OPENHAUS November , ZK/U, Berlin, Germany (2017)

Baden Nacht, 5 Years, ZK/U, Berlin, Germanym (2017)