Crouch End Picturehouse - Riverscape mural. 

We commissioned Ben Nathan to create an original work of art for our client on a large 12m x 7m blank wall in the atrium of an art house cinema, Crouch End Picturehouse. It was a critically important location as it was on the main circulation route to two of the screens and the restaurant. It was a challenging commission as the work had to be appreciated in close quarters and in glimpses from further away. 

The completed mural deftly connects the building with its local context via the use of local motifs. The work has been well received by the architectural press and customers alike and is a key component of the interior design scheme. 

James Jeremiah, Associate, 

Panter Hudspith Architects.

Crouch End Pacific, beer branding with information about the commission. 

Crouch End Picturehouse painting - for sale