These works are recorded as part of habitual explorations in various cities, which have become familiar. They are produced on location, most often during a single day. It is the subject that becomes the protagonist in the landscape, whilst at the same time becoming a ‘sign’ representing something different to each individual. 

Coppetts Clock Tower

Mission House

Palace Gates

Only the piers remain. Eight of these protrude the Thames today, once supporting the former West Blackfriars and St Paul’s Rail Bridge. Their future is uncertain, as they do not hold the Grade II listing as does the Southern abutment where the crest can be seen.


Χρόνια Πολλά and many more years to come.

According to Saussure, the signifier is the phonological element of the SIGN; not the actual sound itself, but the mental image of such a sound. In Saussure’s terms, the signifier is the ‘acoustic image’ which signifies a SIGNIFIED (Saussure, 1916).

‘Seen from a scientific point of view, there is no beginning as such that can be pinpointed and no end that we can be certain of’ (Teymur, 1998). Here lies an Unfinished Building on Thinvon, a major road connecting Athens and Piraeus (Θηβών). In this case the finished product has become a ruin in the landscape.

Hours after hurdling in to see the Eetioneia Gate, security arrive – 'why are you here, where is your passport and why don’t you go to Acropolis'.

Greece lost more of its Jewish population in the Shoah, proportionately, than almost any other country in Europe during the second world war. Around 65,000 men, women and children were dispatched to their deaths in Auschwitz between 1941 and 1944. Here is the memorial in the 3rd municipal cemetery of Athens.

Angel and B

Limáni Πειραιάς

Cross Piraiki

Perema hooligan


Lightning tree

Πειραιώς Nikia

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